Bitcoin Help Desk came about after a regular Meet Up group in Birmingham called Bitknavers decided to get behind Bit Brum which was the first crypto currency conference in Birmingham.
It was during the build up to the conference that it became aware that a lot of people in Birmingham never heard of Bitcoin or blockchain technology or if they did, had no clue about its use and how it would impact society.
Since the participants to Bitknavers started to drop away due to the unreasonable monthly cost of running a free group via Meet up and that the regulars came from all sorts of angle including socio-political interest to money making desire it was clear that this should be reflected in a central point for information dissemination.
As Bitcoin change from being a retail solution even with Bitcoin Lightning due to slowness of delivery, to being a unit of value in the realms of gold it seems that a general ‘help desk’ is needed to give bespoke answers to those who want it.